sensorium was started as the "Internet World Expo 96" Japanese pavilion.
We focused attention on the characteristics of internet as infrastructure,
which were derived from global intelligence sharing, and developed experimental project
in the beginning of the Internet.

We received the Golden Nica Award, Ars Electronica 97.
It was on permanent exhibit for one year in Ars Electronica Center,
and invited to exhibit in "siggraph 98" and "Montreal Biennnale 98".

We were also commissioned to design and create a mechanism of the check-in and check-out
in "Zeit 2000" and "Center of Future Innsbruck"

sensorium project team:
Ichiro Higashiizumi, Yoshiaki Nishimura, Kouichiro Eto, Takuya Shimada,
Ryuichi Iwamasa, Soichi Ueda, Tom Vincent, IMRF, Shin'ichi Takemura